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Fast and professional

Who are we?

As a provider of holistic health and wellness through a wide spectrum of traditional Chinese medicinal services, TCM Wellness Culture combines the historical effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technological convenience.

What make TCM Unique

Comfortable Environment

Spacious and relaxing set-up.

Centralised Dispensary of Medicine

Allows easy access to getting your prescribed medicines. Delivery of medicine is also available.

The availability of a pool of Health Professionals

This is to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the health treatments any at time.

Online E-consultation

This will increase our initial touch points with patients.

Modern TCM Technologies

Improved TCM treatments using modernized equipment.

Home Consultation

Allows our Health Professionals to treat patients who are unable to leave their home.

Centralised Patient’s Record

Enable patient’s information and medical records to be stored, retrieved and updated easily at any outlet.

Drug-free and holistic approach

Only herb or plant-based medicines are used.

Experience and reach

What is TCM

How much you know about Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is thousands of years old and little has changed over the centuries. Its basic concept is that a vital force of life, called Qi, surges through the body. Any imbalance to Qi can cause disease(s) or illness(es) to develop in one’s body. . This imbalance is most commonly caused by an alteration in the opposite and complementary forces that make up the Qi. These are known to many as Yin and Yang.

Experienced TCM Practitioners in every specialty

TCM Wellness Culture Practitioners cover virtually every specialty and subspecialty.

TCM Treatments
An ancient Natural Therapy that helps 

Healings, Energy Booster,
Stress Relaxation, Pain Relief,
Beauty and Weight Management …

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Primary care appointments and some specialties